The Live Series - Part One

Live Masterclasses from ATFC, Dave Winnel, Eelke Kleijn, Estiva and Mark Sixma


The ARMADA UNIVERSITY LIVE SERIES is a brand-new series of short courses, all filmed in front of a LIVE audience at the four-day live masterclass program of Armada University and FaderPro during Amsterdam Dance Event. In these courses, your favorite artists dig deep into their pool of creativity to make a new track idea from scratch in less than an hour, giving tips and tricks while explaining every bit of their workflow.

*Please note that purchasing a course from this Live Series does not include a code for demo feedback. Those are only included with the “regular” Armada University courses.


In his live masterclass, ATFC shows you how you can get inspiration from literally anything!  Watch as he samples audio from an Instagram post of his friend and colleague Harry Romero, and turn that into a concept for a “not so typical” tech house track.  He explores samples, loops and creative ideas on how to make your music have the elements it needs to fit into a genre while at the same time making sure that it stands out from a “typical” Tech-House track.

In his live masterclass, Dave Winnel shows you how to get inspired by a sample or a loop taken from anywhere, and how to make it evolve into a complete musical idea.  Working in Ableton Live, Dave edits and morphs samples to come up with a melody idea.  Building off that initial spark of an idea, Dave creates a bassline and adds drums, demonstrating his rapid workflow and processing as he follows that spark of inspiration.   

In his live masterclass, Eelke Kleijn discusses the production of his track ‘The Calling’.  He starts with the original bassline that came from a modular synth and takes you through the entire production, breaking down each element of the percussion, musical elements and signal processing.  One of Eelke’s signature sounds is his use of organic and live sounding percussion and other elements. In this one-hour course, he demonstrates how he creates these unique sounds sets, giving a unique character to his music. 

In his live masterclass, Estiva demonstrates his workflow for quickly getting a creative idea up and running, building on the initial idea with a melody and other musical elements. One of the most important things he teaches in this course is how you can make the most of the minimal amount of elements while still having your track sound complete, full and ready to rumble.

In his live masterclass, Mark Sixma teaches vocal processing using a track called ‘Escape With Me’, demonstrating how you can come up with vocal parts and melodies even if you don’t have a vocalist or ANY singing ability. In this course, he actually processes his own vocals recordings  like he does when he’s on the road, and then turns them around using virtual synths and other effects to create the hook for the track, which ended up on his recent album, ‘The World of Six’.

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